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We are looking to get an article written for our company's blog : https://www.cocolabs.io/en/the-marketplace-blog/
Topic: "Service marketplaces: the key to a successful digital transformation? "
This article will discuss the necessary digital transformation process that companies need to go through to stay up to date in today's market, especially in the service industry. The point will be to show that taking one's business online and diversifying (through a marketplace) can be a great way of facing pure players. NB : we will not discuss the product industry in this article - our company is specialized in developing marketplaces for the service industry only.
We will start with a paragraph showing we understand a company's concern when it comes to facing the digital transformation challenge. They are used to selling a service face to face / on the phone, there's not much of a digital aspect to it. Yet they see that the service industry is progressively taking a new turn : tourism (Airbnb), transportation (Uber / Blablacar), food (thefork, deliveroo). It’s only a matter of time before every other sector catches up and start selling services online. They need to make sure they’re not left behind.
We will show that those key companies in today’s economy all have one thing in common : they are service marketplaces. Give a quick definition of a service marketplace (you can go through Cocolabs’ website and blog posts for a good understanding of what a service marketplace is). Explain how/why creating a marketplace would be a relevant strategy for a traditional company in the service industry : extending / diversifying their portfolio, opening a new distribution channel, enhancing an element of the value chain… This is the core of the article. It needs to be completed with additional research and detailed. Each argument = 1 subtitle.
The conclusion of this article should show that managers and entrepreneurs shouldn’t fear the digital transformation of their industry. Instead, they can embrace this opportunity to make their business model evolve while being coherent with their core activity.

We would like this article to be SEO friendly, focused on the keywords « building an online marketplace » & « online service marketplace ».

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