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Burgundy > Experience >Heritage > Private day tours

Come for a half day walking tour of the historic center of Dijon to see all the highlights the city has to offer, including the Palace of the dukes of Burgundy, and other Medieval buildings and houses, Renaissance façades, hidden courtyards, the covered market and the famous owl, the emblem of Dijon... Learn about Burgundy’s rich history and visit the large art museum with many collections at the former residence of Dijon’s local rulers.

The Palace of the Dukes is a major highlight of Dijon’s historic center. It is a fascinating stately structure with a rich history entwined with royalty, tombs and politics. Now, it is home to a museum of fine arts that displays a wide selection of artistic works as well as a comprehensive history of the palace.

Make your way to Liberation Square and enjoy your view of the palace, along a large part of the square’s northern side. Admire the palace’s Gothic features, which date back to the 14th century, when Philip the Bold of the Duchy of Burgundy moved in.

Several other dukes with intriguing nicknames occupied the residence over the next century, including John the Fearless and Philip the Good. Tombs of several of the dukes lie in the palace. Marvel at their gold casing and protective angel sculptures.

Later, governors who were appointed to rule the Burgundy region often stayed in this royal residence on official trips to Dijon. Many renovations were made in the 17th and 18th centuries, resulting in a primarily classical appearance. Walk next to the building to appreciate its majestic appearance.

Capture photos of the impressive building with the fountains in the forefront. See it illuminated in golden light at night. Enter through the gates to look around the building and visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Browse its many sections, which include a collection for different centuries and genres, such as Renaissance art and antiques.

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