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Texte #1
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Merci de traduire ce texte sur le linge de lit en français:

The Maison Carezza bed linen are sensuous and soft. They are made of organic and softened linen. When it’s hot these linen seem cool, because they absorb humidity and excess heat. When it’s cold they retain your body heat. If you choose these linen, you will feel a positive effect on your disposition and health. Linen sheets are anti-allergic and anti-bacterial. Linen fabric does not pill and is twice as durable as cotton.
These properties mean that linen sheets are particularly suitable for children, especially as since linen can be boiled and even sterilised.
Linen products are known for being safe to both the human body and the natural environment due to their ecological and natural origin and complete biodegradability.

The Maison Carezza satin bed linen are sensuous and soft. The advantages of satin cotton linen include high durability, which comes from the natural composition of quality cotton and the material production technology. The linen do not wear through, do not tear, and are resistant to stretching. They retain their original appearance – including colour saturation – even after numerous washings. Satin linen are light and discharge humidity from the body, which means that they ensure a good night’s sleep. They are also extremely soft and have hypoallergenic properties and this makes them perfect for people with sensitive skin.
Satin cotton linen are perfect for every bedroom. They are stylish but subtle.

The Maison Carezza damask weave bed linen are made from 100% of Egyptian wool. The worsted and maximally smooth fibre is suitable for frequent washing in temperature of 60°C. The tight fabric structure guarantees resistance to twisting and pilling.
The perfectly matched grammage in the damask provides a sense of lightness and makes the linen comfortable, delicate and sensuous, which is why they are so popular among our clients. The optical white colour, sensitivity, durability, and excellent parameters make these linen the perfect choice.
The Maison Carezza linen can complement fashionable and exclusive interiors by adding some splendour and character.
The Maison Carezza hotel duvet covers and pillowcases are closed with zips.

The Maison Carezza hotel bed linen offer high resistance to frequent industrial washing in temperature of 95°C, mangling, peeling, and disinfection and high washing economy. The hotel linen have high fabric grammage of approximately 155 g/m2.
The mechanical and utility parameters of the linen prevent even the most aggressive maintenance from impacting their external appearance, lifespan, and regular dimensions. These properties are achieved using fabric with a tighter structure, and long, maximally smooth worsted cotton fibres. The polyester element makes the linen resistant to wear and ensures a long lifespan. The Maison Carezza hotel linen are closed with overlap backs.

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Texte #2
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Merci de traduire ce texte sur le produit de rattan en français:

An important part of our offer is a full range of technorattan mats, used as covers for balconies and terraces, as well as fence panels. We provide high quality technorattan products.

The original production technology of technorattan mats has been developed by our engineers. Technorattan mats are made in a fully automated way. Then, the straps connect and protect them from delamination. The material prepared in this way can be trimmed arbitrarily, adapting the form to the needs of a specific industry.

Consistent, modern design and impressive color range make it possible to use many technorattan elements at the same time in the space arrangement. However, high resistance to difficult environmental conditions allows you to enjoy technorattan in summer gardens and - throughout the whole year - on terraces and gardens. Our company's products are resistant to UV rays, humidity and low temperatures.

Mat made ​​from rattan strips - main feature is high strength and resistance to weather conditions such as moisture, dirt and UV rays. Used for garden fencing, as balcony screens, wind covers, wardrobe doors, office position separators and many others. 

Create your own atmosphere on the balcony. Screen decorate your balcony, protects from rain, snow, and vision throughout the year. Prevent items from falling off the balcony.

Techno-rattan is highly resistant to weather conditions such as moisture, dirt and UV rays.

Screens are manufactured and cut to size specified by customer. Screens are sold in rolls. We add fixing clamps to fix the screen to the balcony or fence.

Cable ties will help you to install rattan strips and fance panels.

Modern, built to last and easy to install fence option that gives a fresh touch to your garden. Our technorattan fence is highly resistant for weather conditions like rain, snow or UV rays. Thickness 2,5 - 3 cm.

The fence is selling without one leg (right). The left leg of the next fence is the right leg for the first one. In order to complete the construction, add an additional leg. The fence consists of aluminum cross-bars, a leg and a technorattan mat (along with the necessary elements for assembly).

Aluminium post to finish your rattan fance.

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Texte #3
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Merci de traduire ce texte sur les panneaux lamines en français.

Weninger started its business activity in spring 2005. It is based on professional experience gained since 1992 (over 25 years of professional experience). The head office and trade office were based in Radlin, and currently the head office with high-bay warehouses are located in Wodzisław Śląski. For many years we have been offering high quality laminate flooring, manufactured in our leading factories in Western Europe. Weninger products are characterised by durability, high quality, design and advanced technology along with our responsibility for the environment. As one of few companies we offer also varnished laminate flooring (innovative varnishing technology), which due to the materials and nanotechnology used, make up high gloss flooring. Every day our specialists produce laminate flooring and other Weninger products with passion and commitment. Our flooring apart from a wide range of parameters and colours, are very resistant to pressure and scratching. Moreover, Weninger laminate flooring are ideal to be used with water underfloor heating, and can be safely and easily installed and cleaned in your home or office.

Destination – apartments, hotel rooms, offices
Non-adhesive installation
Pressure and scratch resistance
Suitable for floor heating
Easy to clean
Environmentally friendly

To ensure the floor durability and beautiful appearance for years, we suggest you to use special Weninger cleaning and protection liquids.

Heliochrom structure

Synchronous structure

Concentrate, for daily care of laminated floors, safe cork, 1L

Concentrate, for daily care of wooden floors, safe cork, 1L

Concentrate, for daily care of high gloss floors, safe cork, 1L

Special liquid for cleaning
and daily care of Weninger
laminate flooring 1L

Special liquid for cleaning
and daily care of Weninger lacquered
wooden floors 1L

Special, antistatic liquid
for cleaning and care
of Weninger high-gloss
Natural Gloss flooring 1L

The package contains 12.5 m2
Thickness: 2 mm
Dimensions: 1m x 12.5m
Base material: High density polyethylene
Impact sound reduction: 20 dB
Reflected step sound: 16%
Isolation insulation: 0.039 m2 KW
Moisture protection: 25 m
Compressive strength: 75 kPa
Resistance to deformation: 20 kPa
Dynamic load: 100,000 cycles
Resistance in the large ball test: 1,200 mm

Permanently elastic underlay made of high density polyethylene foam. Acoustic foundation designed specifically for floating assembly of laminate floors and parquets. Recommended for floor heating systems.

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