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About La Maison Peplum

Peplum, the partner of luxury travels and Bespoke itineraries (in France and worldwide) was founded in Paris in 2007 by M. Quentin Desurmont.
Quentin was 40 y.o. by then and had previously worked as a Marketing Director and as a Company Director in the fashion industry ,in Barcelona and in London, and he had also worked at Disneyland Paris as Marketing Director. Quentin graduated from SKEMA business school and got an MBA at INSEAD.
The initial vision was to create outstanding travels in France for wealthy foreign families willing to discover and adopt the French lifestyle so renown all over the world for its subtility, refinement, elegance, fashion, heritage, culture,art, and pleasures, with acquaintances that Quentin had developed through his family and personal network.

This vision has been developed and consolidated after having explored a lot of hidden places in France. We constantly discover new treasures in France for the good of our hosted travellers.
“We like to share exceptional and exclusive moments of our unique culture with refined travelling families. We like to think that a travel itinerary should be built likea story: love, romance, history, adventure, discovery, mystery and fiction should always be at the heart of a travel adventure,” says Quentin Desurmont.

Quentin also plays a role in the international luxury travel industry. He created Traveller Made in 2013, the first non-American and most international travel network community and the only network that focuses on meta luxury exclusively. Quentin often shares his vision, studies and researches he financed in international travel media.

Peplum has always recruited international staff members, people who love to travel, to explore, to discover new “unheard of”experiences and who have a passion for the story behind the story.

Our team constantly look for new activities, new gems and secrets in France. And they also like to try to understand their travellers between the lines to make sure they can surprise them.

Our goals
Creating fabulous bespoke itineraries just for you

We provide simple limousine transfers as well as very sophisticated programmes, customized itineraries matching clients’ requirements all over France and Europe.
Our guides, chauffeurs, body guards and personal shoppers speak French, English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.
Our limousines, yachts, private jets and helicopters are provided by the best European companies.

The Peplum Incoming department specializes in Luxury and Bespoke itineraries in France for Individual family clients and private events and celebration.
We have created exclusive activities around the Culture of French Luxury.
From basic travel services (chauffeured cars, guides, transfers) to the most complicated enquiries (including private jets, exclusive chalets or villas search), we adapt the program entirely to the clients’ tastes and requirements, acting as a privileged contact on the ground. During the client’s stay, we guarantee a 24h assistance.

‘We like to think out of the box’.

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